Monday, April 21, 2014

It's Monday...What Are You Reading?

It's Monday...and what am I reading??? Nothing but professional teaching books or middle grade books. And after today, I have a new book that I need to put on my wish list. This happened the day after my husband had the, "Why do you get a new box from Amazon every week?" talk! He asked why I don't go to our public library...well...I have a good reason...I don't have time! Amazon is way more convenient! 

The first book that I'm reading is...

Loving this book! A boy in my class recommended it to me and has been wanting me to read it all year. I am finally getting around to it and so was a great recommendation. 

The second book that I'm reading is...

This is a big one...419 pages. I chose this one as our new after school book club book. The students wanted an adventure-like story with lots of action and I found this gem. It seems like a mix between 39 Clues, The Mysterious Benedict Society, The Secret Series, and the Percy Jackson series.  I have over 1/2 of my class signed up for the book club and they are all carrying it around and engrossed! Trying to tackle this book by May 20th!

The next book that I'm reading is...

This book showed up on Saturday and I've had a chance to read the very beginning and the very end. Don't ask...This book is going to our next professional book club book at our school. It looks awesome and it is all about looking at all of a child's literacy data and coming up with data driven goals for the child. This is going to be a great book! Thanks Lisa Birno for recommending it! 

And the new book on my wish list is...

I found out about this book today and it is all about student engagement and creativity. 
Looks like a fairly quick read but it will compliment my Genius Hour work in my classroom. 


  1. Yay! Teach Like a Pirate is awesome! Be sure to connect with Dave on Twitter- it was so amazing to tweet him while reading the book on my iPad and have him tweet back. I can't recommend that book enough. And I totally agree about Amazon! Happy reading!

  2. Ooo... Forbidden Stone looks cool! I'll be interested to hear what they have to say about it.