Sunday, August 10, 2014

Picture Book 10 for 10...2014!!!

Since I started this blog back in January, I was able to participate in Nonfiction 10 for 10 in February. When I saw Picture Book 10 for 10...I had to take part! It is so hard to choose just 10 favorite picture books, but I think I have finally narrowed down my choices! Here it no particular order.

 1.   Little Red Writing by Joan Holub is one of my favorite new books that I discovered this year.  I grabbed it from the local library after reading about it on a blog. This books is adorable and whimsical! 
A perfect book for teaching your students about writing.  After I read this book to my class, I had to go out and buy it! I love the page that incorporates loads of adjectives about the deep, dark forest. An enjoyable book for kids of ALL ages...even teachers! 

2.  Dragons Love Tacos by Adam Rubin is a NEW favorite. I now know why this is a  New York Times Bestseller!  What a great book to read to draw kids in and point out fabulous writing! The author first starts out with "Hey, Kid! Do you know what dragons love tacos?" What a way to teach students the importance of "bold beginnings" in writing.  Lots of great inferring can happen with this text as well.  The voice in this book is hilarious and will make your students laugh uncontrollably! 

3.  The Day the Crayons Quit by Drew Daywalt is another one of my new favorites! I found this book in the library on a whim. I didn't even realize how hilarious it was until I started reading it to my class. My students loved the "voice" in this book and we laughed and laughed. We loved how "overworked" the red crayon was, loved the beige crayon's perspective about only being able to color wheat and turkey dinners, the gray crayon complaining about ALL of the large animals that it has to color, and of course the peach crayon being "naked!" Tee Hee!!!  The students couldn't wait to try their hand at experimenting with voice as soon as we were done reading!  I had to change my plans up so that I could accomodate their excitement! 

4.  Memoirs of a Goldfish by Devin Scillian is brilliant. There is also Memoirs of a Hamster which is  equally brilliant!  Love reading this book from the perspective of the goldfish. Another book written with great "voice" and you can just hear the tone of the goldfish as you read the book aloud. Love when Rhoda and Clark announce they're going to have babies in the small fishbowl and the goldfish says, "Like there's room for THAT."  Lots of great humor in this book that will especially make older students laugh. 

5.  Mr. Peabody's Apples by Madonna is one that I ALWAYS have to read to my class each year. I heard about this book after a boy in my class started a rumor about another teacher. The assistant principal came in and read this to my class and I loved the message in this book.  I read this book when we talk about theme and it is a great interactive read aloud. A boy starts a rumor about his baseball coach and then realizes that it is really hard to take back your words once you say something about someone else. A great book and a great lesson for EVERYONE! 

6. Hooray for You! by Marianne Richmond is such a sweet book! I love reading this to my own kids as well as my students every year. This book has beautiful illustrations and a sweet message. The text rhymes and encourages kids to appreciate their individuality and reminds them to be yourself. I love the line, "Yes, from head to toe tip, you're truly original, a creation in progress, a distinct individual." All of the books by this author are equally sweet and touching. 

7.  Ralph Tells A Story by Abby Hanlon is another great book to encourage kids with writing stories. 
Ralph is like many of our students who never have anything to write about because nothing exciting ever happens to Ralph. I've heard this same story myself many times over the years. Students can really relate to this book and to Ralph. This book will encourage your students to think outside the box, help them develop their writing and find stories in their everyday life! 

8.  Lilly's Purple Plastic Purse by Kevin Henkes is one of my ALL TIME FAVORITES! I love Lilly! Always have...always will! I think I also love Kevin Henkes! His books just make me laugh and kids can always relate to his stories. I love the "voice" in his books and I love how he develops his characters so thoughtfully. I also love the added adult humor in his books. To me, Lilly is an icon...when she isn't busy being a dancer, or a surgeon, or an ambulance driver, or a diva, or a scuba diver. 

9.  The Gardener by Sarah Stewart is one that I love every time that I read it! I love the format of this book and how the author writes the book through Lydia Grace's letters to her family. Lydia Grace writes home about her experience visiting her grumpy Uncle Jim and growing flowers at his place.  The students always painfully wait through each page to see if Uncle Jim will finally smile. The students ALWAYS love the ending of this book and love to see the change in Uncle Jim over time. 

10.  The Most Magnificent Thing by Ashley Spires is a new favorite! I heard about this book and HAD to buy it. What a great message in this book! The girl in the book wants to make something, has a great idea, and some great supplies, but just can't seem to get it right. She gets pretty frustrated and quits.  This book is perfect for teaching perseverance and helping perfectionists navigate what to do when you don't complete something perfectly right out of the gate. A book that will be a classic read aloud for years to come! 

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