Saturday, October 4, 2014

Using Bloom's Taxonomy and Choice to Engage Learners

Over the last couple of weeks, I've been working on a new project. I created a new website for my students in order to provide choice in the classroom, utilize our iPads to their full potential, and hopefully create high levels of student engagement. I created the website around the levels of Bloom's Taxonomy, which we discuss in our classroom on a regular basis. This week when I launch the website, we are going to do an indepth study on Bloom's Taxonomy at the student level. I decided to call the website PLMOSAIC to stand for (Personalized Learning MOSAIC.) MOSAIC is the name of our gifted program in our school district.  Below is the WHY of the website...


PLMOSAIC was designed to incorporate 21st century skills that are necessary in order to be successful and ready for the real world.  We are focusing on integrating the 4 C's(creativity, critical thinking, communication, and collaboration) into our daily classroom. I believe that choice, motivation, innovation, and differentiation should be integrated into daily tasks through the use of various tools - especially our 1-1 iPads.  I am a strong believer in students having academic choice, freedom of creativity, time to think critically, and the opportunity to collaborate in order to demonstrate their learning. All of these ideals lead to strong student engagement. 

PLMOSAIC will help me teach, manage and monitor student learning.  I will be able to check for mastery and incorporate the student's work into a digital portfolio. As the students become more and more comfortable with the apps and Web 2.0 tools that are offered, they will be able to gain a variety of ways to demonstrate their learning. This platform is a great way for them to express their learning with their own creative spirit. Reflection will be key and goal setting will be imperative before starting a project.  All 21st century skills that will help them in the real world and in school!

Using Bloom's Taxonomy, the students in MOSAIC will be able to demonstrate their learning at higher levels. Living in the higher levels of Bloom's Taxonomy is best practice for gifted students.  Students will have the opportunity to app smash and practice utilizing technology to it's fullest potential. This platform will create authentic learning experiences for the students. 

I will be using Google Forms for students to create a project proposal and also to submit a reflection when they are done with their project. This site is a work in progress, so I'm anticipating some changes as I roll-out this site in my classroom. I can't wait to introduce it this week and get it started!