Monday, February 24, 2014

It's Monday! What Are You Reading?

Going to participate for the 1st time EVER in "It's Monday! What Are You Reading?"
Right now, I'm juggling quite a few books...
Here they are...
For our class read aloud, we are reading Rump! The students are loving it! We started by reading the actual fairy tale and the students have had fun comparing this version so far to the actual fairy tale. We are only on Chapter 5, but the students are loving learning about how each name is that character's destiny! Great read aloud!!

I am reading the book, Better Nate Than Ever. I am previewing this book and it will probably be our next read aloud. Only on page 50, but I can tell already that Tim Federle is an amazing author and there are so many great points to talk about in this book!  I can't wait to find more time to finish it!

Professionally, I am reading 2 books right now.

Igniting a Passion for Reading is our latest staff book club book. We have a group of literacy lovers that are reading this book and then we will meet to chat about it in April.  It's a great book and author Steven Layne writes it in a way that is super easy to read and follow! Rigorous Reading has been a great book for me to look at and study. I'm learning how to teach using complex texts and adding rigor all throughout my day. It does a great job of breaking down the ELA Common Core and how to use complex text effectively.

My personal read right now...

Loving this book by Brene Brown. I picked this up at Barnes and Noble after looking at it online about 10 times. So glad I did! A must read for any adult! This book is especially resonating with me as I am heading into 40 later this year! Basically, my take away so far is to make time for yourself, to be okay with "your story," and to get rid of the negative energy that interferes with a "wholehearted" life. Slowing reading this book so that I can take in all of the great stuff! I'm definitely practicing "close reading" with this one! Pen in hand while I read! 


  1. Love your professional development titles, and how fun that is to have a book club for professional texts about reading! I've been reading crazily about this topic too as I hope to develop a research proposal on reading in the coming months. I bought my daughter a copy of Better Nate than Ever for International Book Giving Day - we haven't started it yet, but I can see that we're going to enjoy it. Have a great reading week!

  2. Are you planning on participating in Deb Marshall's Middle Grade March? ( I'm glad she's starting with a reading marathon, since we're expecting more snow!