Sunday, March 9, 2014

Genius Hour Progression

So this is my first time doing Genius Hour in the classroom and I absolutely love it! I would say that my students love it even more than I do! They are borderline obsessed with their projects. I have been completely shocked by their continued engagement, initiative, excitement and their products. The students are creating iMovies, movie trailers, informational books, Google Presentations, PowerPoint presentations, Google websites, and 3D models. 

The students have been so creative and so inspired to work. The fact that they have choice in choosing a topic that they are passionate about and then have choice in the products that they create has created a frenzy about Genius Hour. 
The students want to work on it whenever they have a chance! 

Watching the students collaborate, communicate, think critically, and use their creativity has been amazing! One of the students decided to make a Google site and then some of the other students wanted to try a website as well, so we ended up having a mini "how to make a website" training during Genius Hour.  All of this was led by a student! The only thing that I needed to do was to show them how to make their site public. The authentic learning was AMAZING! 

I have been conferring with the students each time that we have Genius Hour. It has been a struggle to meet with everyone throughout the week, so I have had to be creative in how I check in with them and see if they need help. I have emailed students back and forth, used Google Forms to collect information on where they are in the process, regular one-on-one conferring, KidBlog, and also having the students submit their progress through Showbie. See some examples below...

Once I read through all of their submissions I was able to email students that had questions for me or to ask students further questions about their work. This week, the students will start presenting their Genius Hour projects to the class. I am anxious to see their final products and presentations and they are anxious to start a new Genius Hour topic as soon as they are finished! I will be sure to blog about their presentations as soon as I can! 

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