Sunday, July 20, 2014

It's Monday What Are You Reading 7/21/14

Since it is summer, I have had lots of time to read. It is probably my favorite way to decompress and relax. I've read a few books this past week....
I read this little gem via I was able to submit for an advance digital copy and I luckily received it to read. It was awesome! I read it in less than a day and was very impressed by it. The book had many science references and inquiry based questions that you could really delve into with your students. A book with a great message as well that comes out at the end of August. This book is part of The Global Read Aloud in October and already has a lot of buzz around it. I think middle grade kids will really like this one! 

Another good one that I read in just about a day was Absolutely Almost by Lisa Graff. This book was about a boy named Albie that struggles with many different things. He struggles in school and has trouble meeting other people's expectations of him. This causes him great angst. He learns that it is not so cool to be cool and that kindness is what matters. A great book to start the year! 

I picked this up at the Hamline Literacy Institute last week! A great book by Frank Serafini on assessment. He spoke last week and was a very engaging speaker and educator. I'm so glad that I had the chance to hear him! Lots of information on qualitative assessment and thoughts about looking at readers through many lenses and windows. It's kind of weird to say...but I'm really loving this book on assessment! 


  1. Can't wait to read The Fourteenth Goldfish! I heard Jenni read a little aloud at a conference this spring.

  2. Looks like I would have to find Absolutely Almost from the library soonest - it's been receiving so much buzz and love lately! :)