Monday, May 19, 2014

How many standards are covered by Genius Hour?

So I did a little research this weekend about Genius Hour and the standards that it hits. 

 I have had numerous people ask me,  "How do you justify that you are meeting standards when implementing Genius Hour in the classroom?"  
I have had numerous people say, "I don't have time to have Genius Hour, because I have so many standards to teach." 
I have had numerous people say, "What standards are you hitting when you have the students work on Genius Hour?" 

I haven't literally sat down and pulled out every standard that it hits until this weekend. I made a google doc that documents all of the standards that I know the students have learned this year by participating  in 2 Genius Hour rotations. It was beneficial to do this after a couple of rotations because I am familiar with all of the learning that goes on during this process. I have conferenced with kids, helped them with research, conducted mini-lessons, witnessed the production of products, and seen amazing presentations. As with everything...I can always improve my craft. I will be tweaking many things with Genius Hour before the start of next school year. 

But for now, take a look at the 27 standards that were covered this year with Genius Hour.

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