Friday, May 2, 2014

Student Book Awards

My class loves to read! I mean...LOVES to read! Borderline obsessed with reading! It's great! I have those students that I have to TELL to put their books away during math, writing, science, social studies, etc. It's a good problem to have...I realize this! When I tell my students to line up for library, they freak out. It's like they are in line for Space Mountain at Disneyland! Reading is their thing!!!

Because of their innate love of reading, I decided to have end of the year book awards! I told the students about this and they FREAKED out! They want it to be just like the Kids Choice awards. :-) Okay, we can try. So a student named the awards, "The MOSAIC Kids Choice Bookworm Awards."
We then collaboratively came up with the award categories. We came up with the following...
-Best Character in a Book
-Best Poetry Book
-Best Graphic Novel
-Best of the Best Award
-Best Chapter Book Series
-Best Fantasy Book
-Best Informative Nonfiction Book
-Best Surprise Ending
-Best Read Aloud
-Best Life Lesson Learned
-Lifetime Achievement Award(for a book that is over 20 years old)

I then posted nomination forms up on my cabinets. I let the students write down 4 nominations after they thought about the books that they wanted to nominate for a couple of days. We had great lists and collected the titles from our school library and our class library. The students have been looking through the books all week and reading as many as they can to become familiar with the titles if they aren't already. We will be voting late next week via Google Forms. They insist on having a podium, envelopes with the winner inside, and acceptance speeches! I can't wait to announce the winners and see the excitement in the classroom! A great way to end a great year of reading! 

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