Sunday, January 5, 2014

What I'm Reading Right Now!

I am slightly obsessed with reading the latest in literacy. Literacy is my passion and I enjoy reading the latest research and teaching trends. I am currently toggling between 4 books.

1. Reading in the Wild By: Donalyn Miller
2. Rigorous Reading By: Nancy Frey and Douglas Fisher
3. Falling in Love with Close Reading By: Christopher Lehman and Kate Roberts
4. Igniting a Passion for Reading By: Steven L. Layne (I've had this awhile, but I busted it back out!) 

All of these books have been helpful to me as a teacher of highly gifted students.  Trying to add rigor to these student's daily reading lives and challenging them to read more deeply and closely has been an ongoing challenge. They are voracious readers and often have their nose in a book while I am trying to teach! I love this about them and can relate...but we do need to focus on math and content areas as well during the day!  

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